Gardeners Unite

My first post on my new website! How exciting!

I am a gardener.

And if you’re reading this than it’s safe to presume you are too. Or would like to be.

I’m not a professional gardener by any means but I love the process. I’ve had some big wins and some big fails but it hasn’t stopped me from trying again year after year.

I think that’s what makes it a hobby I can stay interested in, because no two growing seasons are ever the same.

I started this blog to document my progress in our own yard, but until spring gets here I can’t do much with it. The snow is gradually piling up and the ground is frozen.

However, that doesn’t mean my website will wait until spring. I have a lot of stories to share, plants to showcase and advice to give (which you are free to take with a grain of salt if you wish).

So until the sap in the trees begins to flow again and the green grass appears once more, I would like to get to know you better so I can provide information you can use.

What is your biggest challenge as a gardener?