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Composting for a Better Garden

What is composting? It’s an inexpensive way to add nutrients to your garden, while keeping your household trash at a minimum. Introduction Anyone who has been reading the papers, watching TV or hasn’t had their head buried in the sand have heard about compost.… Continue Reading “Composting for a Better Garden”

Planting to Save Space and Grow More Food

Much of Canada is still under a blanket of snow but that’s not stopping me from thinking of warmer days. In fact, it’s the dreaming of warmer days that are getting me through. I have to admit, I’ve about had enough of winter. Disclaimer:… Continue Reading “Planting to Save Space and Grow More Food”

Gardening and the Weather

There’s one thing we can’t control, and that’s the weather. Disclaimer: This post contains links. If you purchase and item I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support. When it comes to gardening, we want… Continue Reading “Gardening and the Weather”