Meet the Writers

Diane Ziomek is a wide-open-spaces kind of girl. She grew up on a farm and always enjoyed the garden-planting and harvesting; the weeding not so much. She is a writer and former part-time library assistant who enjoys the outdoors and has spent countless hours tending gardens over the years. One of her favourite jobs was working in a greenhouse in her early twenties where she learned even more about gardening and plants than her grandparents taught her. She has learned Mother Nature has the final say, but it has not deterred her from doing her best and living a healthier lifestyle by “puttering” in her garden.

Jim Swettenham is a country boy at heart who is stuck in a city environment but that doesn’t prevent him from scratching in the dirt whenever possible. He is a former award winning print media journalist who has agreed to participate in this enlightening and fun project which we hope will grow into something both beneficial and educational/informative. He hopes that he is able to share some of his experiences from the growing world of growing…when he isn’t dealing with those “wascally wabbits” who get to enjoy his efforts long before he can!!! So stay tuned and come back for a regular dose of wisdom from someone who was so bright that his Father called him “Son”!!!

Update October 2022:

It is with great sadness I announce the loss of a great writer and dear friend. May he RIP.

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